Feeling Sad And Depressed? Exercising Could Be Your Answer

Sadness and depression can leave you feeling tired, weak, and miserable, and while there are medications that can help you conquer these feelings, you might want to try a different method first. Exercising is one of the best remedies for depression, because it has all the opposite effects. Here are three of the top benefits exercise offers and the reasons why it might help you snap out of your depressed state of mind.

It releases chemicals in your brain

There are two main chemicals released in the brain during exercise. The first one is called endorphins. The second one is called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). Endorphins are chemicals that make you feel good, which is why they are helpful when fighting depression. When you are depressed, finding ways to elevate the endorphins in your body can bring relief. Exercising is good for this, and laughing is also a good remedy.

BDNF is something that works in a much different way, yet it also offers feel-good results. When your heart rate increases while exercising, your body naturally tries to defend itself by releasing BDNF. The body thinks it is being attacked, and BDNF is a chemical that helps fight off the attackers.

The release of both chemicals help block pain you feel, and they both can create happier feelings.

It gives you energy

While exercising is hard work, it is an activity that will actually improve your energy level. You may feel depressed because you have no energy, or your depression might be causing you to have no energy. In either case, exercising can help.

One reason this occurs is due to the effects exercise has on your heart. A healthy heart functions properly, which plays a huge role in your energy level. When you start getting into shape and working out your heart, your energy level will naturally increase. This effect can help reduce the feelings of depression.

It helps you sleep

Finally, exercising can help relieve your depression by helping you sleep better. A lack of proper sleep can make depression worse and can steal your energy. If you are depressed, you may stay up late at night thinking about your situation and problems. When you wake up the next day, you may feel worse from the lack of sleep.

Studies show that people who exercise sleep better, and good sleep is one of the best cures for depression.

If you are tired of feeling sad, tired, and depressed, joining a local gym might be your answer. For more information, contact Jack City Fitness or a similar location.