3 Reasons To Visit An Orthopaedic Specialist Before You Start Training For A Marathon

If you are a serious runner and have decided that you would like to extend your distance to complete marathons or ultra marathons, there are several things you should do to prepare for your training. You will have to create a training plan including running, cross training, and nutrition. You may want to meet up with a coach for some suggestions and you should get a general physical to make sure your body is ready for the extra stress of distance running. You may also want to make an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist with experience in sports medicine for the following three reasons. 

Prevent Injury Rather Than Recover From Injury 

If you are an experienced runner, then you probably already know some basics about preventing injury while you are running. However, an orthopaedic specialist can help educate you about specific issues that you may be at risk for. For example, they can assess your musculature and bone structure to help you decide how quickly it will be safe to increase your distance during training. If you have any problems, they may suggest strength training exercises in addition to your running program or may fit you with a brace or wrap to help support problem areas. 

Improve Your Form

An orthopaedic specialist can assess your current running form to help make you a more efficient runner. This may involve walking and running on a treadmill as well as a physical examination to determine any current problems you have in your form and ways that you can adjust your form in order to tire less easily and get the most out of every stride. For example, if you over or under pronate, a specialist can help you adjust your stride and recommend specific shoes to resolve the issue. If a problem is found in your current form, you may need follow up appointments to monitor your improvement. 

Collect Exercises to Support Your Running 

Throughout your training, you should cross train and complete adequate stretching to keep your body healthy. A specialist can give you specific exercises that you can complete when you are not running. By creating a plan for cross training exercises as well as rest with a specialist, you are more likely to set realistic goals and achieve them. 

If you are thinking about increasing your distance to complete a marathon and you want to concentrate on a low time, then you should schedule a consultation with an orthopaedic specialist such as Tedder Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center