Why Water Is So Vital To Your Weight Loss Plan

Water is the most important beverage you can consume. It replenishes fluids lost all day long to the body's many processes, including the breakdown of foods and the delivery of nutrients, vitamins and important minerals to your body's cells. When you exercise, consuming water replaces the water lost to sweating and urination. Water is even more important during the times when you are trying to lose weight, and here is why.

The Brain Uses the Same Signals for "Hungry" and "Thirsty"

The brain has a special signal that it sends to your stomach to tell you when you are hungry and should consume more food to provide more nutrients and calories to the body's organs and cells. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the fact that the brain uses the exact same signal for thirst. Too many people on a diet translate their feelings of thirst as hunger and end up consuming far too many calories. To avoid this costly weight loss mistake, always reach for water when you think you are hungry. Then wait about a half hour and if you still feel hungry, eat something. Otherwise, continue to consume water to stave off overeating.

Your Body's Metabolism Is Regulated Through Water Consumption

Your metabolism is controlled by your thyroid and parathyroid glands, and to a certain extent, your kidneys and pancreas as well. All of these organs need a very good quantity of water to produce the hormones that help burn fats, sugars and carbohydrates and dispel the excess through your waste. When you do not consume enough water, these organs begin to slow down the process or shut down. If you want to keep your metabolism on an even keel while dieting or give it a boost after not consuming enough water for a long time, drink several more glasses of water than what you are typically used to drinking.

Toxins That Prevent Weight Loss Need Water to Move Out of the Body

Toxins that prevent your body from functioning properly cannot be flushed out of the body without water. Your liver processes many of the toxins in the bloodstream, and water helps the liver flush these toxins out. Lactic acid in your muscles builds up and causes pain if you do not drink enough water to remove it and flush it from your system. In order to be able to exercise more with less pain and eat less, you have to drink more water.

These three reasons are only some of the reasons why you should include water in your weight loss plan. For more inforamtion, contact a doctor, trainer, or nutritionist.