Full Body Exercises Without Equipment

If you are someone who has been trying to get back into shape, the fastest way to do that is through full-body exercises. Full-body exercises are those that work out multiple muscle groups in the same move, saving time in the process. There are a wide variety of these exercises which you can do right in your home with few or no equipment needed. Keep in mind that all of these moves can be modified to fit your unique fitness level. Full-body exercises work well when used in connection with aerobic activities, such as running or biking.

Kettlebell Squat to Shoulder Press

Kettlebells are really useful in full-body workouts since they carry a large amount of weight and yet can be held comfortably in one hand. Using a kettlebell of moderate weight and a straight back, lower the kettle between your legs in a squat. After you have held this position for a few seconds, raise the kettlebell above your head, using your legs to press it upwards. Keep control of the kettlebell, not allowing it to fall and drag your arm downwards with it. Lower the kettle into your squat and begin again. This workout works your legs, the muscles in your back, and even your arm muscles. If you are going to do this move, make sure to keep your back straight. Otherwise, you could cause damage to your lumbar region.


Burpees are one move that nobody likes but everyone does because they are so effective. To perform a burpee you do a pushup, and then jump your feet towards your hands. In a swift motion, you then jump into the air from your feet, raising your hands as you stand. You then regain the pushup position and repeat the process. Burpees are a very aerobic exercise, getting your heart pumping from all the jumping. It also strengthens your shoulders and arms. 

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a move that begins in an upright plank. That position looks like a pushup before going down. Using paper plates (or anything that slides) under your feet, the exercise is then performed by bringing your feet up towards your hands one by one. With your upper body locked in the plank position and your legs moving, both are worked out simultaneously. 

In conclusion, full-body exercises do not have to require expensive equipment to be effective. Whatever combination moves you can do safely could qualify as a full-body exercise.