Why Personal Fitness Trainers Recommend Planks

When you think about the best exercises for your whole body, the plank might come to mind. This is a move with a lot of ab burn, but it's actually doing so much more than working those ab muscles.

These are some of the benefits of incorporating planks into your workout. Your personal trainer will help you determine what types of planks are best for your routine.

There Are Many Types of Planks

Are you bored with the traditional plank? You don't have to stay bored. In fact, there is a lot of room for growth and change after you try a straight arm plank, including reverse planks and plank jacks.

Planks Improve Balance

If you struggle with your balance, you may find that planks provide adequate training. This is because planks strengthen the core. Your back and abdominals will grow stronger when you hold this position, which will translate to other feats that require balance.

Planks Strengthen the Chest and Shoulders

If you have been looking for a great way to strengthen your shoulders and chest, planks are a great choice. You can even add some push-ups to the mix, which is going to give you plenty more strength and a better workout since you progress your number of reps.

Planks Build Endurance

Planks are all about building stamina. With each plank, you will be trying to hold the position for longer and longer periods of time. You can get great results simply by trying to hold the plank longer than the last time.

Planks Reduce Pain

If you experience a lot of back or chest pain, you may find that planks actually help. As your core improves, you may see an improvement in the way you feel when you are sitting or standing. Of course, you should speak with a professional if you feel any pain when you get into a plank position.

Planks Improve Posture

Next, consider the way daily planks can improve the way you sit and stand. Your body will be much more upright (and comfortable in that position) when you strengthen your core. A stronger core means that you have better posture without the strain.

Talk to Your Fitness Trainer About Planks

Planks can be a great tool for improving your core strength. Even if you are not certain about how to do a plank correctly right now, your personal fitness coach will help you find an option for you.