Three Places To Go Bike Riding As A Family

While you might use your bicycle as a way to stay in shape or burn off some steam after a difficult workday and your kids might use their bikes to travel to and from their friends' homes, it can be fun to occasionally schedule bike rides as a family. While it might be tempting to simply ride around your own neighborhood, putting a bit more time into the planning process will allow you to find a unique biking environment for this family activity. Here are some places where you might want to try riding your bikes together.

Forest Trail

Loading your family's bikes onto your vehicle and traveling to a new area can require a little time and effort, but the results can be worth it. If you live in a suburban area, traveling to a forest space that has a network of trails can be fun for everyone. Provided that the trails are designed for cyclists, your family can spend hours exploring the trails over a series of visits throughout the summer. Riding on forest trails gives your kids a chance to enjoy nature and see different types of vegetation and even animals as they pedal.

Closed Streets

In some communities, the local government will close certain streets on a few occasions throughout the summer to create a unique cycling opportunity for local residents. Your kids might have some experience cycling on the street but be used to riding along the curb and watching for motorized vehicles. It's a completely different experience to be able to ride as a group down the street without thinking about vehicles traveling past you. The events can be lively, often with music playing in different areas and food vendors selling snacks that your family can enjoy when you finish your ride.


Depending on where you live, you may have the opportunity to visit an island that isn't too far from your home. If there's a ferry that runs to the island, you can bike onto the ferry and enjoy the view as you cross the water. Once you reach the island, you'll be able to explore its trails and roads for the first time — many of which will run along the shore, providing your family with a scenic view of the water while you ride. At the end of the day, you can ride back on the ferry and discuss your favorite memories of the experience. Browse the internet to look for biking opportunities for your family.

Family activities like biking can be fun for everyone.