3 Underlying Conditions That Could Be Affecting Your Ability to Lose Weight

There are many individuals who would like to lose weight and get healthier. However, for some individuals no matter how much they exercise or change their diet they can't seem to drop the pounds. What some individuals don't understand is that there could be an underlying medical condition that is preventing them from actually losing weight. Here are some conditions that can prevent you from getting the results that you want. Read More 

Yogatta Be Careful: Staying Healthy In A Community Yoga Class

If you're taking or considering taking yoga, you're definitely not alone -- participation in the practice has seen major growth in the past decade. But that also means that you're increasing your chances of getting sick if you practice yoga at a studio or community center, as opposed to having a solo yoga routine at home. Rather than avoid yoga classes, though, take steps to keep clean. Doing so will help prevent the spread of fungi, bacteria, and viruses that could knock beginners, and even expert yoga practitioners, flat. Read More 

Replace A Torn Seat Cover On Your Bike With A Piece Of Vinyl

If the cover on your bike's seat is torn, replace it with a new piece of vinyl. After you have completed the repair, the seat will look as good as new and you will remain comfortable as you cruise around town.  Use The Following Items vinyl scissors staple gun staples adhesive dust mask paintbrush needle nose pliers permanent marker lint free cloth soapy water adjustable wrench utility knife ​Remove The Seat And Prepare The Vinyl Read More 

Heart Problems? Can You Still Seek Personal Training?

If you've recently been considering using the services of a personal trainer to help get back into shape, you may feel stymied if you have a physical condition (such as congestive heart failure or uncontrolled high blood pressure) that may complicate your fitness efforts. However, patients suffering from cardiovascular issues can often benefit from physical exercise even more than other groups. Read on to learn more about how personal training is performed for those dealing with heart problems, as well as a few guidelines you should keep in mind when selecting your personal trainer. Read More 

Should You Work Out When You’re Feeling Sick?

You may not feel sick enough to stay in bed, but you wonder if you're too sick to go ahead with your usual work-out routine. All you know for sure is you aren't feeling great. Your throat is scratchy and your head is congested, so you aren't certain about what to do. That's when you can use your symptoms as a guide. Symptoms Above the Neck If you're suffering symptoms above the neck, such as those associated with a cold, a low-impact exercise like walking won't hurt you. Read More